Discount Tire


Project Brief

Idean came in to join the Discount Tire team in an effort to take a new look at the Discount Tire website. We periodically travelled to Arizona to work along side their team, lending expert advice to their knowledge of the brand arriving at more effective solutions around the site. For the duration of our six month engagement this continued, and as we became more familiar with their brand we made stronger recommendations that ultimately would leave the client very satisfied with the new outlook we could introduce to them.

1200 - Wheel Selected.jpg

Wheel Configurator Vehicle Silhouettes & Site Icons

High and low fidelity iconographic pieces used in representing various parts of the Discount Tire site.

These silhouettes and icons were a completely new element that needed to be designed to work with the above Wheel Configurator and global site interface.


Promotional Visual Language Development

When we began Discount Tire’s site held a broken visual theme that lacked a solid direction or philosophy to anchor future designs done for the brand. If there was going to be any improvement in the way promotions were represented across the company it was going to come from building a look of consistency with a solid design language first.

Discount Tire had asked for assistance in creating new promotional material to enhance the browsing experience on their site. We took a look at the state of the site's image usage and showed the client how creating a more consistent visual language to be used throughout the site's imagery would help to not only solve the issue they asked for, but empower designers on both sides of the relationship to create a stronger presence for the Discount Tire site.


Site Maintenance & Error Pages

Screens created for various situations where the user might hit a page without service for the site.

When we began Discount Tire had no screens at all for this issue, and looked to us to create ideas that told valuable information, but with a humorous and humanistic tone.


Banner Advertisements

Marketing materials to help raise awareness of Discount Tire sales on related sites.


Client: Discount Tire
Agency: Idean

Sales: Petri Talala
Interaction Designer: James Zulkie
Visual Designer: Sunja Culley
Project Management: Dave George