Google has many products that each have numerous goals in how they communicate with their users. Through crafting thoughtful emails that target users with specific needs we can have an exchange in conversation, to speak with users rather than shouting at them. Shown below are a few of the lines of communication that I've helped facilitate, which have rewarded Google with more success.


Google AdSense: Google AdWords Cross Sell

For the following creative, our team aimed to update the quarterly cross-sell email campaigns for Google AdSense with content that showcased a more current look and feel with design and copy respectively. 

Our target audience for these emails were Google Analytics users who are savvy digital marketers and analytics professionals, as well as consultants and other experienced individuals interested in strengthening their brands, boosting their ad or subscription revenue, and optimizing their sales, channels, and customer experience.


These two animations were created as hero images for the following emails to give visual context as they lead the reader in to the message. I looked for options to portray a user gaining more exposure through advertising with Google AdWords. The two of them were used as variants that could be tested with different audiences, as well as a third option shown below that portrays a phone with an active search.



Google Analytics: Onboarding Series Welcome Email

With this email we sought to create a valuable first communication to new users who just signed up for a Google Analytics account that is welcoming, informative, and encourages increased Google Analytics product use. In the messaging we aimed to advise new registrants that GA is a free tool that gives them insight into their website performance, offers them data direct from Google, and shows them how audiences interact with their site. 

In the hero illustration I designed options for the two test strains of emails that each depicted how data can help to increase monetization value.



G Suite: Google AdWords cross Sell

In this email we targeted current G Suite users with the aim of getting them to start using an additional Google product, Google AdWords. 

The hero illustration had to follow the style of G Suite's ALL TOGETHER NOW campaign, and provide the visual message of a team that uses G Suite being able to get their message out across the world when they start using Google AdWords. 


Client: Google
Agency: Epsilon

Creative Director: Armando Ani
Design & Illustration: Sunja Culley
Senior Project Manager: Allison Moser
Project Manager: Paul Webster
Project Manager: Katie Mitchell