Google | G Suite Monthly Newsletter

Each month Google sends out a Developer's Newsletter across their G Suite Developers network to help keep developers informed about new features and tips that encourage them to create brighter experiences with G Suite. Below are some of the past illustrations that I have done to help illuminate the copy sent as an introduction to each article in the monthly newsletter.




Modifying events with the Google Calendar API

The Calendar API and email markup make it easy for your apps to create events on behalf of your users, but what happens when plans change, or if events need to be modified? In this video walkthrough, discover how the Calendar API lets your app simply modify or create recurring events should your users need it.


Next Summits coming to a city near you

Don’t forget, we also have a series of Google Cloud Summit events taking place in a city near you. If you are in the following cities, join us.




Build with G Suite

With I/O 2017 officially wrapped up, here’s a quick reminder on the many ways in which developers can build for G Suite. From App Maker to our APIs to Gmail Add-ons, there’s never been a better time to be a G Suite developer!


How Machine Learning in G Suite makes people more productive

There’s been a lot of talk about machine learning lately and it’s a concept the G Suite team has taken to heart when building its products. 




Unleash the power of the Sheets API with Apps Script

The new Advanced Sheets Service lets developers use all the richer features of the Sheets API via Apps Script. Learn more via a guest post by Google Developer Experts McPherson and Romain Vialard.


How to create Quizzes in Google Forms with Apps Script

Quizzes have been a popular way to give and collect feedback using Google Forms, but if you could programmatically create, customize or even grade quizzes at scale? Our new Google Apps Script Forms Service lets you do that and more.




Google Cloud Next - “That’s a wrap!”

If you missed out on Next, our first big enterprise conference, don’t fret. Our keynote and session recordings are now available for viewing. So grab a coffee and catch up to keynotes by Diane Greene, Eric Schmidt and our head of machine learning, Fei-Fei Li or our fireside chat with Internet legends Vint Cerf and Marc Andreessen.


All the G Suite announcements, from Next, in one place 

Looking to catch up on all our big G Suite announcements from Next. Check out Prabhakar’s Raghavan keynote announcements, including the introduction of Gmail Add-ons featuring Intuit Quickbooks here, or read about them on our blog.




Join us for these can’t miss G Suite Developer sessions at Next 

Next 2017 is around the corner with over 200 sessions aimed at developers including you, our favorite G Suite Developers. So if you’re looking to leverage Apps Script to automate internal processes, get hands-on with App Maker, or are an ISV looking to integrate with flagship G Suite products, check out our full schedule and register today.


Watch: Slides API tutorials

Looking to catch up on the ultra cool functionality of the Slides API and how it brings presentations to life? Check out our 3-part series featuring tips on how to replace text and images in Slides automatically, or how to generate content in Slides directly from your data in Sheets.




How to modify email signatures with the Gmail API

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change your email signature whenever you wanted to, without having to go into Gmail settings every time? That’s possible with the Gmail API. Watch our latest G Suite Dev show episode below, and add the series to your saved playlists.


How to optimize your app’s success

Launching is just the beginning of your app’s journey. To drive long-term success, it helps to analyze your users through segmentation and behavior metrics. Luckily, our friends at AdMob have put together a playbook that helps figure out the key questions behind segment adoption and engagement levels and how to optimize across them. Check it out.


Client: Google
Agency: Epsilon

Creative Director: Armando Ani
Design & Illustration: Sunja Culley