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The Client

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Visual Design

The challenge was to create an extensible visual design system based on existing Reali brand. The logo and the Reali red were the markers along which we based our designs.



We created a flexible illustration system to reinvigorate the way the brand tells visual stories. By producing a component-based system that could be easily reassembled, we provided the tools for designers that come after us to create additional high-quality illustrations and stay on brand. These illustrations were styled with diversity, which is something that Idean deeply believes in.

Artboard 9 copy 3-100 copy.jpg

Client: Reali
Agency: Idean

Lead Interaction Designer: Sunita Ram
Interaction Designer: Corentin Fabry
Lead Visual Designer: Luis Munguia
Visual Designer: Hesam Khodabakhshi
Visual Designer: Sunja Culley
Senior Project Manager: Skye McLeod
Guest Support: Vanessa Fenn
Guest Support: Dave George