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An American painter born in the 80’s, I come from a diverse family. I attended FIT in New York City where I grew a passion for art and design. The melting pot of New York became a major influence on my personal perspective, exposing me to a broad external world. Shifting around and traveling while studying and working in Paris, Tokyo, and Lima I found inspiration in foreign cultures and how communication can be boundless when lifted up through art.

I'm a believer in that form follows function. We need to first understand why we are doing something before we can come to a meaningful end result. Content needs to come first, and the purpose or intent behind the content dictates how it should be experienced for the highest result. I've set my sights on breaking new ground finding creative solutions, and to me that's something that can only be done through exploration. Let's stop the repetition, and create something intelligent.


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Selected list of clients

Asher Levine
Cartoon Network
Star Trek
One Direction
John Mayer
Food Network
NBC Universal
Kendo Brands


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Past In-house Employment

Visual Designer at Idean
Art Director at Epsilon
Freelance Designer at Ready State
Graphic Designer at Delivery Agent
Freelance Designer at AKQA
Designer at GLOW Digital Agency
Graphic Designer at Zing Revolution, LLC
Staff Illustrator at Asher Levine